woensdag 6 oktober 2010

Chocoladekoek (Chocolate Cookeh!)

Morning munchie 

Wednesday morning 9:00. Woke up and thought I'dd supply some munchies for my w&b (which I'm preparing right now :D)

Here in Belgium the bakers sell something called "koffiekoeken". Translated these are coffee cookies. It's a sort of pastery I guess which is just a luxury product if you're not in the mood for bread.

Now there are a whole lot of different "coffee cookies", but today I decided to talk about one of the simplest, the chocolate cookie.

The cookie is topped with chocolate, which tastes wonderfull. When you put it in your mouth it's just like that chocolate goes liquid! And as if that
ain't omnom enough, they put chocolate bars inside the cookie.
Now they're pretty easy to get and they're cheap as well. As for me I only had to walk 100m to the nearest baker, and had to pay 1.90 € for 2 of these. A real deal!

price: 4,5/5 (It's cheap, less than 1€ / piece)
easyness: 4.5/5 (Bakers tend to sell out on these around noon, so perfect w&b material)
omnomness: 4/5 (Feeling sweet? Get these for sure!) 

12 opmerkingen:

  1. nom nom nom nom. YOU'RE MAKING ME HUNGRY. Looks like it'd hurt my teeth.

  2. Man I would suck a dick for that thing

  3. oh god, this looks amazing.
    om motherfucking nom

  4. God damn Europeans having so much tastier food than America.

    I have to import food from other countries in order to get something good, I tell you what.

  5. I am jealous, I must say. That would be like 3.50 at my college.

  6. This looks so yummy!!!!! Thx for posting it!!!!

  7. Jesus that looks delirious, when I seen that it was filled with chocolate along with being topped with chocolate I came.

    Good post

  8. I wish I was in Belgium. That looks amazing.