maandag 4 oktober 2010

LU Dinosaurus

The white ones were the shit! 

Ok now these, are seriously the shit as well. There are 4 different versions of these cookies of awesomeness. You have the regular chocolat and the milk chocolat, both taste pretty much the same though.
Then there's a version without any chocolate, which is nice because it lets you taste the cookie very well (you can even put some white chocolate, peanut butter... on it). And last but certainly not least is the white version. Now, a friend of mine has a girlfriend who loved the white ones, so she called
the factory to ask if they still produce these. They don't :( and that's a real bummer because seriously the white ones were the ultimate shizzle.
Anyways, if you ever see these and you haven't tasted them before, YOU SHOULD!

price: 4/5 (4 x 3 cookies in a box, box costs around 2€)
easyness: 5/5 (My superawesome mum still buys these for me) 
omnomness: 4.5/5 (These are real good if you're in a sweet mood, first choice for me!) 

6 opmerkingen:

  1. i thought regular chocolate WAS milk chocolate. whats regular chocolate?

  2. Yeah, I'm with Leo. What in the fuck is regular chocolate if it's not milk chocolate? Lol.

    Anyway, munchies targeted at kids are always a winner in my eyes. :D


    This is the box of the milk chocolate ones. Can't really see a difference but the milk ones taste a lot sweeter where as the regular ones taste more like chocolate.

    That's all I know :D